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Why play for TCats?

At Thundercat Sports Academy we value our athletes and give them the best opportunity to grow as athletes and young adults. At TCats, you are not a number thrown into a bucket. We put our athletes first and strive to aid them to reach their aspirations, whether it is playing at the high school, college, or professional level.


Since new ownership in 2017, we have had many players improve tremendously (increase mound/exit velocity, increase weight room numbers, mechanics, commit to playing collegiately etc.). To help improve your athlete's performance, TCats has access to the latest research articles/studies/equipment from Driveline, Blast Motion, Tendo Unit, Rapsodo, video breakdown analysis and much more!


How much are 2023-2024 annual fees?

Please understand that running a high-level program like ours involves a great deal of cost.  Items such as tournament fees, equipment costs, facility upkeep, insurance, paid coaches, and much more.


Families have the option of paying the player fees in full or monthly payments (September 1-June 1).  A $250 down payment is due when signing with our program to secure your roster spot as well.

Email for more information.


Is playing time guaranteed?

Playing time is not guaranteed at this level; however, the coaching staff will develop your athlete to best fit his/her needs as well as the needs of the team.  It should be understood that improvement will come through practice and how hard your athlete works outside of practice (not just at TCat practices).  The coaching staff will play the players who work the hardest and whom they feel gives the team the best opportunity to be competitive.



How are position decisions made?

The positions during the season are determined by each team’s coaching staff after months of evaluating during the fall/winter workouts and play during the season. Players are not guaranteed playing time at the positions they try out for. Players must be willing to play multiple positions (especially at the youth ages). Our experienced staff will make these types of decisions that we feel are best for your athlete's development and recruitment.

What other services does TCats provide?

Players should consider TCats Baseball and Softball an additional resource for referral and reference to any interested college or scout. Players will have the use of a personal web page to present their academic and athletic profile for recruiting purposes (high school teams only). The TCat website offers helpful information for serious players - and parents of serious players striving to reach the "Next Level".

Does my son/daughter have to try out?

Yes, all athletes will have to try out to earn a roster spot on one of our showcase teams. We will host two(2) tryouts towards the end of July(2023) for the 2024 season. Can't make a tryout date? Do not worry! Please reach out to us through email to schedule a makeup tryout. 

If playing for TCats, do I have to pay a separate membership fee?

Absolutely not. Once your athlete signs a player contract for the 2023 season, he/she will have full access to the facility at NO COST. Includes open green space, batting cages, bullpens & weight room.


Where do TCat team's practice?

Practice locations depend on the age of your athlete. All practices will be held indoors at our indoor facility or outside at Wallace Park (Lake Mills). We also have access to 3 other diamonds here in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.


Will there be traveling throughout the summer?

Yes, depending on age. Below are the ages/states that have a high chance of travel too. There will be more travel with our high school teams because we want the best events with the most exposure.

10u-12u - Wisconsin, Illinois

13u-14u - Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa

15u-18u - Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio

Why play showcase ball? If I'm good enough, colleges will find me. 

If you are a nationally ranked professional or Division I prospect, you will be noticed playing for your high school team. Our goal is to offer your child the widest window of exposure possible to increase their potential opportunities at the next level. Today's recruiters and scouts expect to see the top players at the top events. This is their best opportunity to evaluate and asses' player's skills against other prospects. In addition to MLB scouts and Division I coaches, there are hundreds of smaller colleges attending these events looking for players.




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