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To schedule your initial performance screen or workouts, click HERE

"Performance training is the most easily controlled aspect of athletic development."

 - Kyle Hans

The quote above exemplifies the attitude of Thundercat Sports Academy and its staff members. We believe that physical development is one of the most overlooked parts of a successful sports career at any level. Sport specific skill allows an athlete to effectively compete in their sport but it does not guarantee a high level of success. Physical tools such as speed, strength and power are the separating factors between those whom advance on in the game and those who do not. 



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Our training program has a focus on developing movement competency through basic movement patterns such as the squat, hinge, rotation, etc. Once an athlete has shown competency in these movements we will begin to train them with an emphasis on strength and speed of movement. Each athlete will go through a testing and evaluation day. During this evaluation process an athletes baseline measurements will be recorded as well as a full movement screening. This evaluation process will allow us to identify areas of strengths and weakness in order to build a training program that is tailored their individual needs.


For baseball and softball athletes the training will also include a hitting and throwing program. These programs will help the athlete build an understanding of basic drills as well as instruction on technique. Helping to find and develop a quality throwing and swing pattern that will scale up with their age.

All programs will be overseen by Texas Rangers Minor League Coach Collin McBride.

To schedule your initial performance screen or workouts, click HERE

If you are interested in signing up for training or have any questions feel free to contact us below. Your Questions/Interest will be sent directly to Collin McBride


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