Learn the Effects of a Collapsing Back Leg

One of our 13u’s has an issue with collapsing his back leg when he came down out of leg lift. 

In the video on the left, we see his right knee coming down (becoming more quad dominant) over his toes(collapsing his back leg/hips) and his hips going down instead of gaining ground and going towards the catcher. By Collapsing his back leg he will be more prone to throwing across his body because his hips will not be able to open up properly. thus putting more strain on the elbow/shoulder and more prone to injury.  He also doesn’t stay connected to the rubber and turns into a “toe pusher” off the mound. 

In the video on the right, we see an adjustment where he rides his back leg and is gaining ground. We notice that his hips push back (activating his glutes) and his knee is going straight ahead. A cue for pitchers we use is to "drive off the back heel." This will help our pitchers stay connected with the rubber longer to drive off the mound and activate our glutes more efficiently.

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