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Pitching lessons at Thundercat Sports Academy are unique compared to other pitching programs in  Wisconsin. Pitchers will not only learn proper pitching mechanics, but will also learn how to properly use their body in creating power, stamina, and accuracy on the mound. We also stress the importance of injury prevention. With that, pitchers will learn proper warm up and cool down techniques that players will adopt in their everyday pitching routine. 


As part of our warm up and cool down routines, we have all of our pitchers on the Jaeger Band program. The Jaeger Band program is widely used by players all over the country, especially at the MLB level. Some MLB players that endorse the program are Clayton Kershaw, Trevor Bauer, Cole Hamels, and Matt Garza, just to name a few. Although we supply pitchers with bands for our lessons, it is highly recommended for players to buy their own bands to continue their routines at their school programs. 

Contact: 384-3966

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