General Information
*Practice is strongly encouraged but not mandatory. Practice attendance doesn't directly reflect on playing time once the season begins. 
*Different Age Groups Might Practice Together.
*Practices are consistent with same times and days of the week each week.
*November and December practices are geared towards position specific development, athletic training, and strength training.
*January the throwing level increases, pitchers begin to work towards the season; activities shift toward team defensive philosophies and position specific work.
*Late February through the end of training, the focus is on game play and live match ups with pitchers and hitters.
*Practices are led by TCAT staff and parent coaches are required to attend their age groups practice.
12U & 13u Softball
Tuesday 5:30pm-7:30pm

First Practice
November 8, 2022

April - July
Practice outside TBD w/ Weather
14U, 16u & 18u Softball
Wednesday 5:30pm-7:30pm

First Practice
November 9, 2022

April - July
Practice outside TBD w/ Weather