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17u Baseball Coach & Athletic Trainer

Originally from Fresno, California, Fernando went to Tranquility High School and attended West Hills College (NJCAA) in Coalinga, Ca. He then attended Northwestern College, IA and graduated with a bachelor's degree in athletic training. In the summer of 2017, he signed a contract to play professional baseball for the Centinelas de Mexicali(Mexico). In 2020, Fernando graduated with his Masters in Athletic Training. Currently, he is a certified athletic trainer for West Hills College. At West Hills, he helps cover a total of 6 sports (including baseball).


"I really enjoy working with student-athletes and being able to help them both on and off the field. Additionally,

I take pride in helping athletes return from injury as quickly as possible and provide the best care I can to them." 

                                                                                                      -Fernando Gutierrez


Pro Ball in Mexico:  "After college, I was offered a contract to play professionally in Mexico. The opportunity that I obtained to play professional baseball in Mexico for the Centinelas de Mexicali was an incredible experience. Being able to play at that level was a great experience and I was able to learn a lot from it. The game of baseball is played differently in Mexico, but nonetheless, the coaching staff really admired my work ethic, my demeanor, and the way I played the game of baseball. These are all things that I have learned throughout my career and that I hope to pass along to the athletes here at TCats. I want to be able to provide as much knowledge as I can about the game of baseball, not just the specifics of techniques, but also the intangible things that can take athletes to the next level." 


Fernando will be a part of the 16u/17u coaching staff, but available for hitting & infield lessons. Fernando is also fluent in Spanish.